Education Planning

Prepare for Your Child's Future

Get college planning services in Point Pleasant and Brick, NJ

Your child's education is in your hands. You want to make sure they have a college fund to get the education they need to get the job they want. Appreciated Wealth Management can help you set aside the money you need to work toward your child's academic future. We provide college planning services in Point Pleasant & Brick, NJ.

Our goal is to help plan for your investments to grow potentially faster than forecasted college tuition rates. Contact us today to start your child's college fund.

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We create plans to address the fluctuating economy

We know the future is unknown, but we create plans that see to withstand what you don't see coming. Our professionals consider:

  • Investment flexibility
  • Tax-free savings strategies
  • Potential state income tax reductions
  • College tuition inflation planning and more


Let our pros help you find the right plan for you and your child. Turn to Appreciated Wealth Management for college planning services in Point Pleasant & Brick, NJ. Call 732-314-3420 today to get started.


Discover the benefits of setting up a college fund for your kid

If you want to give your child or grandchild a head start, speak with a member of our team about our education planning services. With a college fund:

  • You'll set your child up for long-term success
  • You'll be able to take advantage of compound interest
  • Your child will be able to choose to go to whatever college they want
  • You'll teach your kid good financial habits at a young age

Find out if setting up a college fund is right for you and your child by contacting a member of our team in Point Pleasant and Brick, NJ.